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Mic Check

I been payin atteion to what yall niggaz wuz doin stealin my ways n shit im a tell you like i tiell my women dont watch me watch t.v this is paper view
you gotta pay for this
let me take time to dust my shoulders of wait.... i had to dust (thanks) i been waitin, been patient, been anxios no for bring back yo greatness the rap Ali jab i weave and came back wit da same jab x3 i blow smoke to the heaven im so close to perfection raps just one big casino im poppin ocean 11 i might have sold the least but i still manage to be most feared by most mc's who holdin me who close to me nobody sho body thas how its 'possed

mic check 1,2,1,2 (1,2) mic check 1,2,1,2 (1,2) mic check 1,2 what is this Santana's back to bizznis (lets go now)

Nächstes Lied: Santana Town (Remix)(Tastaturkürzel: →)

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