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My Problem

I'm sorry....

I mean it too... let me talk to you..

knahmsayin?, tell you what it was all about maybe


We was in love it had to be the (Jealousy)

that had me buggin all for nuttin (Jealousy, yeah)

Now I'm a loner cuz of (Jealousy, yeah)

I'm sorry man, oh

Baby, all I wanted was a chance with you

little love, little dance, romance with you

shit I had big plans for you

swear to God I never meant to put my hands on you

thats not somethin that a man would do

thats not something I had plans to do, I had plans to move

take you with me, give you the Coupe

give you the shoes, instead I was hearin' the news...

You was out there buggin', fuckin'

doin your dirt when, I was in the studio workin'..

shit I'm tryna make music that's perfect

instead I gotta hear you out there foolin' and flirtin'

You and your friends got a bad reputation already

if I'm not mistaken already...uh

but I gotta 'pologize to your mother and father

shoulda never put my hands on your daughter

But I ain't askin' you to drop no charges shit

I did what I did, deserve the consequence

I can't see myself copping a plea

to one of these niggaz who bleeds the same as me

I'ma G, I will cock and squeeze

the same as E, take it to the same degree, please

so let's leave it alone, we don't need this at home

especially all over some fuckin..

(Jealousy, yeah) yeah thats what it's about right?

(Jealousy, yeah), I never meant to touch you

(Jealousy, yeah)

uh, it was the (Jealousy,yeah)

I was buggin, high (Jealousy, yeah)

whoa (Jealousy, yeah)

God forgive me my... (Jealousy, yeah)

If I could take it back, you know I would, yes I would, yes I would

Shit, now I don't know what made me..lift my hand up

swing it at you, I musta been crazy

musta been high, twisted off hazy

fuck am I doing?, this is my baby

and now I'm feeling like Kane from Menace II Society

know your brothers wanna come back and fire me

now I'm riding with my riders beside of me

can't get caught slippin so they riding beside of me

and Cam told me not to fuck with you

he told me you known, the blocks corrupted you

I told him nah, I had it locked, threw cuffs on you..

plus I had lots of love for you..huh

so I'm stickin with my heart, that's my nigga to the heart

but I'm stickin with my heart

Now look....I'm sittin in the dark

facin' a charge, gotta go sit up in a court

all because, I was stupid and dumb

shoulda never went through it with hun, shit

but to this day, I never knew this would come

i never thought that I would go through this with hun, no

the one I wanted to marry...wanted to carry my baby through life

maybe this life... we can't be together

can't see together, can't see each other

don't need each other, won't be together

cuz of..

Jealousy, yeah

oh, jealousy yeah

Jealousy, yeah

Damn, why did we have to go through this (Jealousy yeah)

and its all because of this (Jealousy, yeah)

I admit I was (Jealousy, yeah,)

Jealousy, yeah

uh, you was playin them games too

sayin them names too...

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