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Crockett's Theme

Now I was raised up in the sunshine city,
In the middle of sex, drugs and girls thaz pretty.
I guess I made a left down the right damn route,
If I made a right they couldn't have pulled me out?

As I take a look down the project blocks,
I see they filled with pain and I block that out.
Cuz I got a job to protect and serve.
And I'm gonna do it homie, thaz my word?
I got me a badge. I got me a gun.
And all my niggas told me that I was on one.
It was something in my heart that told me,
Cuz when I was young I used to hate the police!
But it's my calling! Thaz my take.
I never woulda thought I'd end up as Jake.
But Imma do my best just to keep my brain,
Cuz in this city homie it's hard to stay sane.

As I walk the Line,
The City is Mine, The City is Mine!
Just don't cross the line,
The City is Mine, The City is Mine!

And U gonna see some thangs that u ain't gonna like,
U better make sure u got ur boots on tite.
The City is Mine, The City is Mine!

Welcome to Miami where the killers dwell?
And I specialize in putting them in a jail cell,
I give a holla to my sisters on welfare?
Please don't hate me cuz the badge that I wear
Please don't hate me cuz ur man ain't there.

I tried to warn him but he didn't care.
It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it.
Gotta make sure ya kids safe at school.
I got me a badge. I got me a gun.
I got a bad attitude so u better run!
I'm about clean these streets,

And I'll sweep ?em if I have to?
U got guns? We got guns too!
And I bet I got more guns than u!
A message from Miami's finest don't sleep.
Cuz if we catch ur ass on a creep,
We gonna take ur dope, ur money, and leave a case u can't beat?

This is my City! The City is mine!

B section
I'm a soldier, U wanna come test me?
Don't u try! The city is mine
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