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All albums from Little Peggy March

Top songs :

I Will Follow Him & Hellow Heartache, Goodbye Love (Remasterd) (2019)
  1. I Will Follow Him
  2. Hellow Heartache, Goodbye Love
Dream World (2015)
  1. Boy Crazy
  2. He's Back Again
  3. Jaunuary First
  4. He Couldn't Care Less
  5. Hello Heartache Goodbye Love
  6. Catchin' Up Fast
  7. Dream World
  8. Have A Good Time
  9. Heaven For Lovers
  10. Wind Up Doll
  11. Can't Stop Thinkin' About Him
  12. I Will Follow Him
  13. (I'm Watching Every Little Move You Make
  14. I'll Never Forget Last Night
  15. I Wish I Were A Princess
Memories Of Tokyo (2015)
  1. Teasin'
  2. Tears On My Pillow
  3. Kilindini Docks
  4. Souris - Suddenly
  5. Johnny Cool
  6. The Impossible Happened
  7. Wind Up Doll
  8. Let Her Go
  9. Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love Again
  10. Watch What You Do With My Baby
  11. Memories Of Tokyo
  12. Little Me
  13. You Make Me Laugh
  14. John John
  15. Losin' My Touch
  16. We're In Fashion
  17. Only You Could Do That To My Heart
  18. Oh My What A Guy
Popular Culture (2015)
  1. I'll Never Forget Last Night
  2. You Make Me Laugh
  3. I Will Follow Him
  4. I Wish I Were A Princess
I Will Follow Him (Christmas Compilation 2013) (2013)
  1. I Will Follow Him - live
  2. Precious Lord, Take My Hand
  3. Peace in the Valley
  4. Don't Wonder 'bout Him
  5. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
  6. I Looked Down the Line
  7. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
  8. The Day Is Past and Gone
  9. Resting Easy
  10. I Can Put My Trust in Jesus
  11. What More Can Jesus Do
  12. Strange Things Happening
  13. Oh, What a Meeting
  14. There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood
  15. Oh Happy Day
  16. When Christmas Comes to Town - From "Polar Express"
  17. It's Christmas Time Again
  18. Silent Night
  19. Father Christmas
  20. Jingle Bells
Die Freiheit Frau Zu Sein (1995)
  1. Nur du Bist Für Immer
  2. Es Gibt Ein Morgen
  3. Aus Purer Sehnsucht Nach Dir
  4. Das Feuer Der Sehnsucht
  5. Denn Ich Lieb' Dich Uber Alles
  6. Du Hast Noch Funf Minuten Zeit
  7. Unendlich Einsam Heute Nacht
  8. Bald, Bald, Bald
  9. Viel Zu Nah Am Himmel
  10. Liebe Hat Keine Garantie
  11. Frau Mit Kleinen Fehlern
  12. Der Andere Mann
  13. Die Freiheit Frau Zu Sein
I Will Follow Him (1963)
  1. I Will Follow Him
  2. Dream World
  3. Johnny Cool
  4. Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again
  5. Wind-up Doll
  6. You Make Me Laugh
  7. I Wish I Were a Princess
  8. My Teenage Castle (Is Tumblin' Down)
  9. I'll Never Forget Last Night
  10. As Young as We Are
  11. John, John
  12. Teasin
  13. Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love
  14. Boy Crazy
  15. The Impossible Happened
  16. Little Me
  17. Pagan Love Song
  18. I'm Watching Every Little Move You Make
Other titles
  1. I Will Follow him (CHARIOT)
  2. I Wish I Were a Princess - From 'Hairspray' Original Soundtrack
  3. Memories of Heidelberg
  4. Mister Giacomo Puccini
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