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All albums from David Ball

Top songs :

Thinkin' Problem Demos EP (2019)
  1. What Do You Want with His Love
  2. I've Got a Heart with Your Name on It
  3. Give Me Back My Heart
  4. Goodbye Heartache, Hello Honky Tonk
  5. Circle of Friends
  6. I've Got My Baby on My Mind
  7. The King of Jackson Mississippi
Come See Me (2018)
  1. Maybe We'll Wind up in Love
  2. I Got a Broken Heart in the Mail
  3. Jeanie's Back in the Bottle
  4. Papa Goes to Jail
  5. Better Days
  6. Come See Me
  7. Beaumont Dent & Alignment
  8. Get Your Arms Around This Broken Heart
  9. Pretty Baby
  10. Are You Lonesome for Me?
  11. Lettin' go
  12. Little Ranchero
  13. 4 O'clock Waltz
  14. Come Closer
The Greatest Christmas (2011)
  1. The Greatest Christmas
  2. When Christmas Comes
  3. Everyone Knows Christmas Is Coming
  4. I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day
  5. It's Christmas Time In the Blueridge Mountains
  6. Islands Calling
  7. Santa Send Some Texas
  8. I'm Getting Nothing for Christmas
  9. Riding With Private Malone
  10. I've Got A New Thinking Problem
Sparkle City (2010)
  1. Hot Water Pipe
  2. Country Boy Boogie
  3. Just Along for the Ride
  4. Tulsa
  5. Maybe Tomorrow
  6. What'll I Do If I Don't Have You
  7. Smiling in the Morning
  8. Back to Alabama
  9. On Top of the World
  10. Houston Again
  11. So Long
Heartaches by the Number (2007)
  1. Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
  2. Stop the World and Let Me Off
  3. Heartaches by the Number
  4. Sweet Dreams
  5. Please Feed the Jukebox
  6. There Stands the Glass
  7. Faded Love
  8. What's Going on in Your World
  9. Half as Much
  10. Please Help Me I'm Falling
  11. I'm Walking the Dog
Freewheeler (2004)
  1. Louisiana Melody
  2. Happy With the One I've Got
  3. Nobody Told Me
  4. Tell Me With Your Heart
  5. I Can See Arkansas
  6. Too Much Blood in My Alcohol Level
  7. Desert Luau
  8. Mr. Teardrop
  9. Yours Truly Blue
  10. A Girl I Use to Know
  11. Violence and Lies
  12. Freewheeler
Amigo (2001)
  1. Amigo
  2. Missing Her Blues
  3. She Always Talked About Mexico
  4. Riding with Private Malone
  5. Whenever You Come Back to Me
  6. Loser Friendly
  7. Linger Awhile
  8. Trying Not to Love You
  9. New Shiner Polka
  10. Texas Echo
  11. Swing Baby
  12. Just Out of Reach
  13. When the Devil Wants to Wrestle
Super Hits (2000)
  1. Thinkin' Problem
  2. Watching My Baby Not Coming Back
  3. Look What Followed Me Home
  4. When the Thought of You Catches up with Me
  5. What Do You Want with His Love
  6. Lonely Town
  7. Hangin' in and Hangin' On
  8. I'll Never Make It Through This Fall
  9. Circle of Friends
  10. Hasta Luego, My Love
Play (1999)
  1. Watching My Baby Not Coming Back
  2. I Want to with You
  3. What Do You Say to That
  4. Hasta Luego, My Love
  5. A Grain of Salt
  6. Lonely Town
  7. Going Someplace to Forget
  8. For You
  9. I'm Just a Country Boy
  10. When I Get Lonely
Watching My Baby Not Coming Back (1999)
  1. Watching My Baby Not Coming Back
  2. Going Someplace to Forget
Starlite Lounge (1996)
  1. Hangin' in and Hangin' On
  2. Circle of Friends
  3. I've Got My Baby on My Mind
  4. What Kind of Hold
  5. I'll Never Make It Through This Fall
  6. Bad Day for the Blues
  7. If You'd Like Some Lovin'
  8. No More Lonely
  9. I Never Did Know
  10. The Bottle That Pours the Wine
David Ball (1994)
  1. Gift of Love
  2. If She Were Mine
  3. Message In A Bottle
  4. All Over Me
  5. Listen To My Heart
  6. No More Tears
  7. Texas Echo
  8. Waiting for Somebody New
  9. We're Steppin' Out Tonight
  10. I Was Born with a Broken Heart
  11. Smokin' Cigarettes and Drinkin' Coffee Blues
Thinkin' Problem (1994)
  1. Thinkin' Problem
  2. Look What Followed Me Home
  3. Blowin' Smoke
  4. When the Thought of You Catches Up with Me
  5. Honky Tonk Healin'
  6. A Walk on the Wild Side of Life
  7. Down at the Bottom of a Broken Heart
  8. What Do You Want with His Love
  9. Don't Think Twice
  10. 12-12-84
Love Me Right (1987)
  1. 2 Hot 2 Handle
  2. Ev'ry Little Bit
  3. One Stop Lover
  4. Don't Take Your Love
  5. Love Me Right
  6. Let's Talk It Over
  7. Can't Stand The Heat
  8. Automatic
  9. Prisoner Of Love
Vintage Tenor (1978)
  1. Cottontail
  2. Body And Soul
  3. Doxy
  4. A Bit Byas'd
  5. A Ghost Of A Chance
  6. Tickle Toe
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