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Georgia, Georgia I love your son
When he gets older, he might be the one
He might be the one
Georgia, Georgia he has beautiful bones
And he never lies or picks up his phone

Sometimes in the pouring rain
He'll fall in the mud and get back up again
And if you find me
Will you know me
Will you take me
Or will you fall

Here is my day plan, my new machine
He is a fine new addition, so young and so clean
So young and so clean
He came up through the water without a sound
With my back to the shoreline, I dreamt that he drowned
I dreamt that he drowned

Sometimes when he looks at me
I know that he needs you, you're all that he sees

And if I had breathed you
Will it kill me
Will you have me
Or watch me fall
If I had fixed you
Will you hate me
Would you fuck this
And let us fall
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