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I Will Follow You

I will follow you
I will follow you
Put all my money in gold and
Hope that we make it on through

I will follow you
I will follow you
Put all my faith in the man
Who says it's the thing to do

Though it won't keep you warm
And you can't eat it
See me on my knees like Fagin
As my crown sinks in the shit

I will follow you

We're taking on water
We're carrying the weak
How dare those Chinese folk
Want to eat more red meat

The west is aging
Who will pay for our meds?
I guess when the time comes
We can always just tighten someone else's belt

I will follow you

There's too many of
Us hanging around here
Some buying, some
Selling the fear
Of water-wars and
Empty stores and deicide

So go back to where you came from
Or to where you did not
As long as it's not here trying
To take us for everything we got

And I will follow you

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