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The Quotidian Beasts

Well it woke me up early I went and I drew me a bath,
Yeah I knew she'd been coming and she had got here at last,
Well I started to scold her aw she just started to laugh,
Yeah the beast came upon me, I guess it wasn't so bad.
I said "It's you took your claws you slipped em under my skin,
There's parts that got outside, honey I want to put em back in,
We've been playing like children, honey, now we'll play it like men,
Those parts that got outside, I'm gonna put them back in.
She took the beak of a raven ah she laid it out just for show,
She spun it round on the table, honey. Hej, I thought you should know,
I saw the streets were of lightning all out the window below,
Yeah the beast was upon me, honey. I thought you should know.

Her ancient eyes were upon me. They were familiar and black,
She laid her claws all up on me. She had found me at last,
Ah it woke me up early. I went and I drew me a bath,
Ah, the beast was upon me, honey. I guess it wasn't so bad.
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