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Would you believe it?
I'm a family man now
And here's your boy's boy
All blue eyed and stubborn, I wonder
Where's he get it all from?

This sandy honey hair?
This hell of a temper?
I never knew mine
He'll never know his
But it's so good to see you again

So haunt a little more
Been so long since you've been here with us

Would you believe it?
Family man now
It's about time
His first years, his first snow, it's perfect
Yeah it's beautiful when he talks to you
He's sleeping in your room, go meet him
Keep him warm tonight

So haunt a little more

So long, it's time to put you to bed
Haunt, take out your teeth
So long, just put the worry away
Laugh and let go
It's time for you to rest

We're alive but tired
We all agree he's got your eyes
After all this time
We all agree he's got your eyes
In a certain light
We all agree he's got your eyes
And I could die
To see him sitting by your side
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