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previously on ashanti "always there when you call always on time gave you my
own baby be mine" whats love (fat joe)go to do got to do with it babe whats
love its about us its about trust babe" you move just like a thug moves you

cant stop there moves just cause you love to and ohh just like a thug moves you
cant stop the moves just dont know how to and ohh" "high murder its murder"
"there somethin that im thinkin that your crew should know"you know your wastin
time, wastin my time,wastin my time, know know i know know i know gotta go
gotta go yeah." you know its plain murder inc you know its love and thugs that
live in our blood".(ja rule) yeah you know its murder murder we'll be right hea
and its (ashanti)murder" and know our feature presentention.(free from 106 &
park) know ashanti with number one again with foolish.

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